Weekly Photo Project - Fish

This weeks project was... Fish.

I had plans to fry up a Tilapia, but I kept procrastinating so I decided to just draw a fish and take a picture of it.

Theme: Fish | Title: Angelfish Drawing

Theme: Fish | Title: Angelfish Drawing

Weekly Photo Project - Flare

This weeks project was... Flare

There's not much of a story behind these these two images, so I'll share a little of my thought process while taking them.
On the first image I wanted the sun to be as large as possible, so I chose a longer focal length lens and went to the far side of the pond.
The problem was I also wanted there to be nothing but sky behind the tree so I had to get lower somehow and the only way to do that was to get closer to the pond.
With these constraints the longest focal length I could use was 70mm so that is how it was made.

Theme: Flare | Title: Sunset Flare

The second picture was taken using a 50mm because I wanted to get a shot with the tree's reflection in it.

Theme: Flare | Title: Sunset Flare Over Water

Weekly Photo Project - HDR

This weeks project was... HDR...

It all started when Eleazar (my brother in-law) said he wanted to go somewhere and take some pictures. "I need a new desktop background for my laptop" he said with a tinge of chagrin. "I've been using somebody else's picture for a while, and I feel like it should be MY picture there."

After a few minutes of badgering (he could have gone out by himself, but he always prefers to do things with others) I decided to go with him to help remedy the situation. 
So, We grabbed our tripods and got in his car. 

"So where should we go?" he asked proddingly. "We could go to flat lick falls." I suggested. "I told Persten to wake me up at 4:00AM before he left for the airport so I could go there and take pictures of the sunrise, but I was too tired so I didn't get up."

We arrived in a few minutes only to find the stream was too deep to cross without getting wet. "There's a log over there." I suggested matter of factly. After walking along edge of the river for a few minutes looking for a shallow place to cross.

As we approached closer to the crossing I noted that their was a smaller log running almost parallel and crossing it at an acute angle.  "It seems stable." noted Eleazar as he traversed effortlessly over the logs. "I don' know." I said skeptically, "How did you get over the other log?"I asked feeling slightly unstable. "It was a little tricky." he offered. "Why don't you let me take your tripod?" so I proceeded to hand it to him. I got across, but I was not looking forward to traversing that log on the trip back. 

Theme: HDR | Title: Flat Lick Falls 50mm

When got down below the waterfall we split up. At first I went about 200ft or so back from the falls, but I soon found that the vantage point I wanted was in the middle of the river. So I walked in. It was about a foot deep there, so my shoes were completely submerged. I setup the tripod, unclipped the camera from my belt, and after it was securely in place, began taking pictures.

After the first image I decided to move in a little closer. I Tread carefully over the slippery rocks, ever mindful of the steady current that could push me over. I set the tripod up right next to the large boulder in the first image. This area was a little deeper, and the water came right up to my knees.

Theme: HDR | Title: Fiery Skies At Flat Lick Falls

As the sun went down I went to a slower shutter speed to keep a balanced exposure and turn the water to a steady stream. 

The sun is not going down in front of the camera as it appears however. In fact it was going down behind us and sky here was actually blue.

After we finished taking our pictures Eleazar and I walked back up the hill and walked through the stream, wondering why we had crossed over the log on the way there.


Weekly Photo Project - Brother

This weeks project was... Brother...

My brother Persten came back from college for a couple of weeks in march. So of coarse we HAD to make him work in the greenhouse while he was here :)

Anyway, I was moving carts around the greenhouse to get ready to plant some cuttings when I heard Serena calling out "You gotta see this!" and "Persten is copying Ezri."

So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.

Theme: Brother | Title: Persten Copies Ezri 1

As you can see Elisha tried to get in on it as well but couldn't seem to lift the right arm :)

Theme: Brother | Title: Persten Copies Ezri 2

Theme: Brother | Title: Persten Copies Ezri 3

Theme: Brother | Title: Persten Copies Ezri 3

Weekly Photo Project - Tripod

This weeks project was... Tripod...

I'm not sure if I used a tripod on these specific pictures but I did use one for some of the pictures in this shoot. :)

Theme: Tripod | Title: Houtz Family On White Casual

Theme: Tripod | Title: Houtz Family On White Formal

Weekly Photo Project - 7

This weeks project was... 7...

I took these today at around 7:30 pm. Everything is covered in white today.

Theme: 7 | Title: Clouds of Fire and Grass of Ice

Theme: 7 | Title: Frozen Sunset