Hi, My name is Swen Halverson but you probably already figured that out. I'm not very good at this talking about myself thing but here goes. Here are some random things about me.

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I like cheesecake. 

I like to wear a Drivers Cap.


I'm one of those people who finds it hard to choose a favorite color, I think its blue, or turquoise, sometimes I like orange.

My middle name is Odell.

I can sing pretty well and I love doing it.

My music tastes range from classical to folk to electronica and dub step.

I have 3 adorable nephews and 1 niece who I take a lot of pictures of.

My top three passions in life are Photography, Music and Video.

Oh, and I love Mexican Food.

OK that's enough randomness. 


Here's what my twin sister Serena has to say about me.

“Swen grew up in a singing family, with 3 brothers and a twin sister. He has lived in half a dozen states, and now regularly travels throughout his home state of Kentucky, selling plants to florists and taking pictures.

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        While on the road, Swen likes to listen to music and podcasts every moment he can. He drinks Bolthouse Smoothies throughout the day, and occasionally makes a stop at Krispy Kreme or Qdoba.


       At home, Swen edits photographs for hours at a time and watches his favorite TV shows in the evenings.


         Though Swen is a quiet sort of fellow, when he is not busy taking pictures you may often find him singing.



         Much of Swen's leisure time is spent with his family, which includes his four little nephews and one niece. In addition to photographing the rest of the family, Swen enjoys capturing the many meaningful and beautiful moments along the way as his nephews grow.

          Swen also regularly participates in church services and activities, providing him with many opportunities to record in still life the many faces of the people around him.



         There you have it: Swen: a man of few words, with a big smile and a skilled eye for fantastic photos.”